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ZO Medical Peel – Removing Sun Damage In Your Twenties

3 Step Stimulation Peel

I decided to have the ZO Medical Peel to eliminate underlying sun damage that was exposed in my reveal photo taken at The Adams Center.  As you can see in the photo below on the right, the darker spots are sun damage that is not visible now on my skin, but will appear as brown spots as I age.  I decided to begin treatment to remove these brown spots and age spots before they appear.

My "Reveal" Photo

My “Reveal” Photo

Cathy, Dr. Adams’ aesthetician, recommended that I do the ZO Medical Peel – a brand new peel that would help to remove some of this underlying sun damage.  During this 3 Step Stimulation Peel, I felt a hot burning sensation on my face.  I held a fan which made the sensation much more tolerable.  As the ZO Medical Peel penetrated deeper into my skin, my face began “frosting” giving my skin a whitish glint.  After the peel was removed, Cathy applied a 6% Retinol Cream which I had to leave on for 4 hours.  After the ZO Medical Peel my face was red and then started to turn a yellow shade.  I got a few funny stares when I went out to lunch at the mall afterwards!

After four hours,  I rinsed and applied the calming cream that came with my peel.  My face felt a little tight and it looked as though I had a bad sunburn.  Cathy told me to avoid exercising for a few days, something that would be difficult for me to comply with.  However, she warned that sweat could get trapped underneath the peeling skin and cause irregular pigmentation – something I was not eager to see happen!

My face did not begin peeling until the 3rd day after my ZO Medical Peel.  However, once I started to peel, I peeled a lot.  Cathy said that peeling from patient to patient varies, but it is always a good sign when you do get a lot of skin coming off.  I diligently applied the calming cream that came with the peel and always made sure to wear my DSP Sunblock whenever I left the house.  The new skin that is exposed after the peel is extremely sensitive to the sun and in order for the benefits of the peel to be long lasting, it is crucial to keep your skin protected from UV light.

After two weeks, I returned and saw Cathy for a follow up appointment.  We took another reveal photo and noticed that some of the sun damage – especially around my temples – had begun to disappear.  In order for me to see further improvement, I would need to follow a regular regimen of chemical peels every 4-6 weeks.  During this visit, Dr. William P. Adams, board certified plastic surgeon, prescribed a topical hydroquinone cream he developed called Roshni.  Roshni is a skin bleaching cream that helps remove brown spots from his skincare line DSP (Doctors Skin Prescription).  I have begun using Roshni twice a week for the first two weeks.  After that I will increase to 3 times per week and eventually 4 times per week until I finish the bottle.

Overall, I am very pleased with my progress in removing the sun damage on my face.  I learned the hard way that too many summer festivals in the sun and all the time spent on the tennis court without sunscreen have taken it’s toll on my skin.  The good news is that it’s not too late – it’s never really too late to change bad habits.  If you have been reckless with your sun protection and now find yourself approaching thirty, forty, or fifty; I suggest you make an appointment at The Adams Center to develop an anti-aging treatment plan.  I have enjoyed learning about anti-aging and skincare, and I think you will too.