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Winter Health Tips From Jessica, Our Patient Care Coordinator!


August 17th, 2014

As we ease into another beautiful fall in New England, we must be mindful that with season changes also comes cold and flu season! We love seeing our patients in the office and want to help ensure you all stay well throughout the Holiday Season. Here are some useful guidelines to follow to help keep you and your loved ones well! Beauty comes from within, and we want you to glow inside and out!

Wash! Washing your hands multiple times a day with warm, soapy water decreases the amount of bacteria and viruses that you may pick up in and around town. Remember, cold and flu viruses can linger on hard surfaces, (door knobs, elevator buttons, grocery carts, etc.), so you want to wash your hands as often as possible.  A fun way we get our kiddos to wash their hands is while they are “soaping up” we have them say their “ABC’s” then rinse off the soap when they get to “Z.”

Eat! Maintain a healthy diet but start adding lots of warm, hearty soups to your daily meal routine. Soups, stews and chilies are full of vitamins and proteins that will help boost your immune system and keep you warm from the inside out!

Avoid! Try to avoid public places for extended periods of time. When you’re out in the elements and heavily populated places you’re more likely to pick up an unwanted bacteria or virus. Have fun but don’t forget about gloves, scarves and hand washing! You are never too big to keep your neck and ears warm too!

Vitamins! Make sure you’re taking a multi-vitamin daily (unless your physician says otherwise). Taking a daily multi-vitamin can help your body’s defenses in a more natural way. Orange Juice is always a great way to get your Vit C as well!