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Will Having Plastic Surgery Hurt?

December 5, 2013

I have many new patients ask me whether or not plastic surgery is going to hurt.  After surgery, all discomfort is lessened with pain medication and I tell my patients that for most people that makes the pain tolerable.  However, individual pain threshold varies from person to person.  Therefore, while some patients may experience no pain at all, others will feel more.

Anxiety is an important factor in how much pain one experiences during recovery.  I encourage all of my patients to mentally prepare themselves for surgery.   By mentally preparing yourself for the events that will take place on your surgery day, you will reduce some of the mental uncertainty and in turn the anxiety and pain you will feel post-op.

You may wonder why we spend time detailing out the day of your procedure during your pre-op appointment.  We review the operation and requirements for recovery, along with any potential risks and complications so that you know exactly what will happen before having surgery.

Having been in practice for over thirty five years, I know which of you are ready to make the decision to have plastic surgery.  I will not perform your procedure if you show up on surgery day and have a fever or high blood pressure.  These factors put the patient at an increased risk for complication and this is not something I will ever do.

If you have any questions about plastic surgery, please come in and chat with myself and my staff.

I hope you are enjoying your holiday season,

Dr. Adams