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How Does Restylane Work?

Q: Dear Dr. Adams,  How does Restylane work and what is it for?  Thanks, Kelly

A: Dear Kelly,  We know it works through our experience with our patients, but we weren't sure why.  Now, a study at the University of Michigan Medical School published in this month's Archives of Dermatology shows that Restylane helps the skin make new collagen, the main structure of the skin. It also decreases the break down of collagen.

As you I age and we damage our skin with sun exposure, the cells that make collagen lose their normal shape and become flattened.  Restylane, and presumably all hyaluronic acid fillers, plump up the cells and they produce collagen again.  This is why they last longer than other wrinkle fillers.

We like fillers for the lips, lines above and below the lips, the lines from the nose to the corner of the mouth and at the corner of the mouth as well as between the brows.  We advise against using the fillers beneath the eye due to potential complications.

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