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Why a Blog?

Many of you may wonder "Why start a Blog?"

The Internet is an amazing information source.

As the number of people who choose to improve their appearance through cosmetic procedures increases, so does the number of people who are using the Internet as a tool to look for credible information on the subject.

As a response to this, I’ve created my own Blog. This will include fairly regular updates from me on a variety of topics. Some days will be more “stream of consciousness,” while others will be Q & A style, and updates on the field of cosmetic surgery, exercise, diet, and general wellness.

We’re still working on updating the graphics and building out the content, so check back often.

Contact me by e-mail, or by calling me at The Adams Centerin my Peabody office at 978-531-0550, or 617-262-2208 in my Boston office for more information on this post, or any other information in my Blog.

Dr. Bill Adams is a greater Boston area board certified plastic surgeon with over 25 years of experience in the field.