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Why You Should Be Spending Money On Your Skin

December 12th, 2013

This Christmas, when you are looking to treat yourself to a well deserved gift, I want you to stop and think about what you need.  We instinctively head to the malls to buy ourselves a new dress or a new pair of shoes but when it comes to appearances, sometimes all we really need is to give our skin a little love.

I know many people who are unwilling to spend $30 on a medical grade skincare product but will go out and drop $500 on a purse.  Problem is, the purse isn’t going to cover up the signs of aging that will appear faster since they’re not using a proper moisturizer this winter.

It also baffles me how some people have no problem dropping $200 at a salon on Newbury Street for their highlights, but don’t see the need to get a chemical peel at a doctors office.

Taking proper care of your skin needs to start early and it’s not something that you can address twenty years from now when the signs of aging begin to appear.  Although Botox and dermal fillers can help, they won’t cover up the years of neglect.  If you don’t wear sunscreen daily, you should start today.  Visit the office for a free skincare consultation with Cathy or Rose and ask to have a reveal photo taken.  This photo will show you areas of sun damage on your face that will appear as age spots in your later years.  Scary huh?  Seeing the damage you’ve already done to your skin can be frightening, but it’s also a reality check that will help you see the importance of proper skincare.

So think again before you head to the mall to treat yourself this holiday season.  Take a detour over to our Peabody Office and see what Cathy or Rose recommends for you.  You’ll get a lot more compliments on how good your skin looks at the holiday party than you would if you got the dress.