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Why Most Women Choose To Have Their Breast Augmentation Between Now & April

Conceptual Image To Illustrate Breast Enlargement Surgery

January 20th, 2014

Beginning in January, I begin to notice an increase in the number of Breast Augmentation consultations I see.  The New Year often motivates women who have been considering having Breast Implants to start doing research so that they can have their surgery completed before the summertime.

I’ve heard some women explain that they are opting to finally have the surgery now because they want to look great in a bikini this summer.  Some Breast Augmentation patients decide to have their surgery in the winter and early spring to avoid having to recover in the heat of the summer.

Whatever your reason may be for considering Breast Augmentation, it’s important for you to visit the office and have a consultation.  Although some preliminary research can be done on the web, there is a wealth of inaccurate information out there as well.  During a consultation, you will have a chance to ask your questions and get a real medical opinion from a board certified plastic surgeon.

During every Breast Augmentation consultation, patients have the option to try on sizers that can help give them an idea of what their implants will look like.  I have found that since we began using the sizers, more women and opting for larger cup sizes and are greatly satisfied with the result.

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