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Why I Love Doing Rhinoplasty's – A Boston Plastic Surgeon Talks About One Of His Favorite Surgeries


Throughout my career, rhinoplasty has always been one of my favorite surgeries to perform.  As a medical student and throughout my career in cosmetic surgery, I was fascinated by the positive effect a good result has on the entire appearance of a patient.

Noses really are the center of attention.  The central location of the nose affects one’s appearance from the front and the side.

During a rhinoplasty consult, I use computer imaging software to generate a visual goal for the desired result.

I always stress to my patients that the image portrayed on the computer screen is in not a guarantee of the end result.

Where as a sculptor who works in a clay medium has time to make tedious adjustments and revisions, the plastic surgeon works under the time constraints of the operating room. I must use my aesthetic eye while rigorously adhering to the technical requirements of the surgery, all the while working on live tissue.

Rhinoplasty is a challenge but that is why I enjoy it.  I have hundreds of happy rhinoplasty patients and these results reinforce my love of the procedure.

Beauty is subjective and we all define it for ourselves.

Many times the result of surgery is so subtle no one can really tell exactly why someone looks better, they just do.  The real difference is in how the patient sees themselves.  It is such a reward to see the positive effect a surgery can have on a patients self esteem and how they carry that with them in their daily lives.

Dr. William P. Adams, M.D., F.A.C.