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What Is My Risk For Skin Cancer?

Did you know that your Fitzpatrick Skin Type can be an indicator of your risk of developing melanoma and other types of skin cancer?

Find out what your Fitzpatrick Skin Type is by looking at the chart below and estimating your response to sun exposure.

One of best steps you can take towards preventing yourself from melanoma and other types of skin cancer is wearing SPF sunblock or sunscreen every day.  Even now in these wintery months, our skin is still prone to UV damage.  Going skiing?  Even more of a reason to pack high SPF sunscreen.  The reflection of the sun on the snow intensifies the strength of UV rays hitting your skin and can cause even more damage.  So next time you are heading for the mountains, don’t forget your favorite Adams MD sunblock!

For more information on melanoma and skin cancer, visit the National Cancer’s Institute’s website here.