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Want To Be The Next Adams Center Ambassador and Share Your Transformation With Others?


The Adams Center is looking for an eager candidate to participate in our brand new

Adams Center Ambassador Program.

He or she will be enrolled in our exclusive Total Skin Rejuvenation Program and be asked to share his/her thoughts in a personal blog.

To show our gratitude, we are offering the program free of charge for the chosen patient.  He/she will only be required to cover the cost of prescribed products.

This is an amazing opportunity for someone who isn’t afraid to share their skin care transformation with the world!



6 Stage Non Surgical Facial Rejuvenation Program


1.   Exfoliation
2.   Stimulation of collagen
3.   Removal of brown spots, pigment, and abnormal blood vessels
4.   Removal of crow’s feet, worry lines and frown lines
5.   Fill or camouflage deep facial lines
6.   Tighten facial skin, sagging cheeks, and loose neck skin

If you are interested in being the first Adams Center Ambassador, please submit a short video or personal statement explaining why you think you would be an excellent ambassador!