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UltraPulse DeepFX

An incredible, newly developed laser treatment made by leading laser manufacturer Lumenis, has created the “gold standard” for non-surgical treatment of deep wrinkles, scarring, and more.

Part of the UltraPulse system, DeepFX is one of Lumenis’ “Bridge Therapy” lasers that include ActiveFX™, PigmentFX™, and TotalFX™. This ablative (removes tissue layers), CO2 fractional laser uses “bridge therapy.” Named because only portions of the skin’s surface are treated, leaving “bridges” of untouched skin; the bridge therapy system helps the regeneration and healing process.

DeepFX uses a thin, focused laser beam, allowing it to penetrate more deeply than most other lasers. Along with the depth of penetration, the DeepFX system’s deep heating stimulates immediate collagen contraction, and long-term collagen remodeling creating a one/two punch perfect for deeper scars and wrinkle treatment. Downtime is a remarkable 2 — 3 days, and a single session is often all that’s needed (while 5 — 6 treatments may be necessary with other laser systems). Treatment can be accomplished in 60 minutes or less.

Before & After

Before and After

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DeepFX on Face and Neck


Before and After

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One DeepFX Treatment – Before & at 3 Months