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This is the total package! The TotalFX procedure combines the laser wands used for ActiveFX and DeepFX to completely treat an area, whether that’s the face, chest, neck or hands.

This incredible, newly developed laser treatment made by leading laser manufacturer Lumenis, has created the “gold standard” for non-surgical skin rejuvenation.

Part of the UltraPulse system, TotalFX is one of Lumenis’ “Bridge Therapy” lasers that include ActiveFX™, DeepFX™, and PigmentFX™. This ablative (removes tissue layers), CO2 fractional laser uses “bridge therapy.” Named because only portions of the skin’s surface are treated, leaving “bridges” of untouched skin; the bridge therapy system helps the regeneration and healing process.

The TotalFX program is designed to first treat a broad area with the ActiveFX procedure, and then treat focused areas with the DeepFX module. Recovery from TotalFX treatment is approximately 4 — 6 days, and a single session is often all that’s needed (while 5 — 6 treatments may be necessary with other laser systems). Treatment can be accomplished in 60 minutes or less.

Before & After

Before and After

One Month After TotalFX

Before and After


One week after Total FX

Before and After

Upper Lid Blepharoplasty, TotalFX

Upper Lid Blepharoplasty with TotalFX

Before and After

TotalFX on Face

TotalFX on Face: Before & at 4 months after treatment