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Total Eyelid Rejuvenation

We’ve created one of the most effective total eyelid rejuvenation program in the country!

Our comprehensive 3 step approach blends laser blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), Arcus Marginalis Release or Tear Trough Implants, and the LaserLyte® Peel to totally revitalize the areas around your eyes.

  1. Eyelid Surgery: We are one of the few surgical centers in greater Boston using laser blepharoplasty. The laser offers several advantages over a traditional scalpel technique:
    • Less bleeding
    • Speedier recovery
    • Typically less bruising

We use the unique surgical approach of making the incision on the inside of the eyelid (as opposed to the standard outside of the eyelid). This helps preserve the natural shape of the lower eyelid and avoid the sad-eyed look after surgery.

  1. Arcus Marginalis Release: While eyelid surgery is a great procedure for correcting baggy, puffy eyelids and loose skin, it does little to improve the dark circles under our eyes. We add a procedure called Arcus Marginalis Release, which releases a ligament that can worsen the appearance of those dark circles.

Depending on your specific circumstances, we may suggest the use of a tear trough implant. A tear trough implant is a small implant made of solid silicone that fills in any hollowness beneath the eyelid. The tear trough implant is used to augment the bone under the eyelid which diminishes with aging.

  1. LaserLyte Peel: Eyelid surgery does little to improve the actual look of the skin itself, which may still look old following surgery. We’ve added a superficial LaserLyte peel of the eyelid skin to remove wrinkles, eliminate brown spots, and tighten the skin.