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Tom Talks About His Botox Treatment

The following post is written by our Adams Center Ambassador Tom Kennedy about his first Botox treatment at The Adams Center.

Post Botox Debrief by Tom Kennedy

I had my first treatment with Botox about three weeks ago to my forehead, the area between my eyebrows, and around my eyes.  I have to say without ANY exaggeration; I noticed a smoothing of my wrinkles almost overnight-though I know that it takes about two weeks for the full effects to take place.
The treatment was very straight forward and took about 7 minutes.  I scheduled my appointment for the morning, and tried to keep my schedule clear for the day, as I did not know what to expect-however that ended up not being the case.  It was with a bit of anxiety that I knew I had a full day appointments showing properties afterwards.

Dr. Adams was calming and the injections did not hurt at all.  He did a series of injections on the forehead area, then a couple between my eyebrows then about three injections around each eye in an arc.  The injections felt like the tiniest of pricks to the skin-if anyone has ever had acupuncture-it feels like that.
Right after the injections, an ice pack was laid over my forehead eye area for a couple of minutes.  There was only a tiny bit of blood from one or two of the injection sites.  When leaving, it looked like I had a couple of mosquito bites on my forehead-which went away in about 10 minutes, as I was driving to work. I had no bruising whatsoever.
The rest of the day, I met with clients and showed $3,200,000 lakefront home in Lincoln, then a $4,950,000 home on 25 acres in Concord, then a $989,000 3000 sq ft condo in Charlestown.  Afterwards, I finished up my office work then took clients to a private party hosted by First Republic Bank to view the new wing of the Gardner Museum.  These clients are art collectors themselves and have a home on the North Shore that I have on the market for $8,500,000. My first Botox day closed with a late dinner at the Capitol Grill where we ran into friends and spent the evening talking and having a great time into the early hours of the morning.


The next day, I awoke and looked in the mirror-and I could not exactly describe the change except to say it looked like I had had the most restful-longest sleep of my life and my brow seemed to be smooth.  Botox is a miracle drug. I would definitely recommend it and I was pleased to see that for me there was absolutely no down time or interruption to my schedule.