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Tired Eyes? Crows Feet? Why Blepharoplasty Is The Best Solution


Upper Lid Blepharoplasty

Although Botox was recently approved by the FDA for the treatment of crows feet, Blepharoplasty can permanently diminish crows feet and bring life to “tired eyes”

Genetics and sun exposure contribute to how the eyelids age.  The eyes are an important focus of the face.  Our eyes give clues as to how we may be feeling, whether we are angry or sad.  Unfortunately, the aging process can cause many people’s eyes to appear tired, even when the individual is awake and alert.  Constantly hearing co-workers, friends, and family comment on how tired you look can affect one’s self esteem.

As individuals, our eyes all age differently.  If you are lucky, you may never get “tired eyes”.  However, I have seen patients who can benefit for a blepharoplasty in their late thirties and early 40s.

The greatest part about being a plastic surgeon is seeing the effect a procedure can have on a patient’s life.  Being able to help my patients feel better about themselves is why I love what I do.

As we look towards 2014, I want you all to ask yourselves, what is going to make this year as happy as can be?