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Think You Don’t Have Sun Damage? Think Again

Summertime in New England means a lot of time enjoying this beautiful season in the sun.  Although you might think you look better with a tan, did you know that it’s possible for it to cause sun damage that you cannot see, even after it fades?  Sun damage adds up exponentially and it’s important to know how much sun damage you have and how to prevent it.

At our office, we commonly take photos of our patients that enable them to see sun damage that is not visible to the naked eye.  Take a look at this picture of Adams Center Ambassador Tom Kennedy.  Last year, Tom participated in The Adams Center Ambassador Program during which he had various procedures to help with facial rejuvenation.  If you are interested in learning more about sun damage and skin health, I highly recommend setting up a complimentary consultation with one of our aestheticians.

Although you may not want to see how much hidden sun damage you already have, it’s best to know where you stand and how to better protect yourself in the future!  Call the office at (800) 559-3056 to schedule your appointment.

Sun Damage, Boston Skin Care

Tom’s “Reveal Photo” that shows hidden sun damage on his face.

Click here to watch videos from Tom’s Adams Center Ambassador Program!