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The Plastic Surgerista

Plastic Surgery: Misconceptions

Issue #1: May 1, 2012

Jessica Stevenson, Patient Care Coordinator

Welcome to my column about all things plastic surgery!

If you are new to the scene of plastic surgery, you may find my articles helpful on what is involved in everyday life dealing first hand with plastic/cosmetic surgery patients, surgeons and all things aesthetic.

I began working in the plastic surgery industry in 2005 and broke ground in my profession in Houston, Texas; (home to the first breast augmentation in 1962).  I have been in love with what I do ever since. Currently, I am the Patient Care Coordinator at The Adams Center in Boston, working directly with Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. William P. Adams. Every day is a new episode of excitement and I look forward to sharing all my experiences with you!

Most recently my patients have been noting the “Real Housewife” look, and how they want to avoid that altogether.  I want to help my readers understand not to look up to overdone celebrities or movie stars as the proper image. Many surgeons are focused on achieving natural results and the majority of people who have work done will tell you, no one is the wiser. There are many working moms, career women, CEO’s, soccer dads, and stay-at-home moms, maintaining their health by having a few nips and tucks. Cosmetic care is no longer the taboo it was a decade ago. Taking care of one’s self and maintaining a healthy appearance is always in good habit; I look forward to bringing you into my world of tasteful preservation via plastic surgery!

Please stay tuned for upcoming articles, and don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or comments!

Your Plastic Surgerista,


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