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The Low-Down on Cellulite Removal: SmoothShapes and Velashapes


Eliminate cellulite with SmoothShapes and Velashapes

As the temperatures begin to rise here in New England, our thoughts begin to drift towards the summer time and long days at the beach or by the pool.   But many of us also begin to experience a little bit of anxiety at the thought of having wear a bathing suit after the long winter months.  One main reason is cellulite.  Millions of men and women are in an ongoing battle with cellulite on their thighs, buttocks, love handles, and abdomen.  Luckily, there are now procedures available to help you win this battle.  SmoothShapes and VelaShapes are two new procedures that the Adams Center offers for cellulite removal.  I want to explain how these procedures work and why they are effective.

What is cellulite and why do I have it?

SmoothShapes and VelaShapes

Anatomy of Cellulite: Photo courtesy of Syneron




Cellulite is lumpy, dimpled skin that is usually found on the thighs, buttocks, love handles, and abdomen.  When fat cells grow too large for the fibrous tissue that surrounds them, the rigid fibers bulge into the soft tissue of the dermis.  This causes that lumpy “cottage cheese” appearance of the skin.  The underlying biological causes are edema, poor blood circulation, and decreased metabolism.  However, there are many factors that contribute to who gets cellulite and why.  Cellulite can result from an unhealthy diet and lack of exercise but it also can be attributed to genetics and hormones.  And smoking cigarettes can make it worse.  Men and women can have cellulite regardless of their weight or size and exercise alone is rarely effective in controlling it.

How do I get rid of cellulite?

Essentially, the excess fat inside of the fibrous tissue chambers needs to be broken down and metabolized by the body.  Despite what many people think, liposuction does not remove cellulite.  SmoothShapes and Velashapes are two new breakthrough’s in the treatment of cellulite.

What is SmoothShapes? How does it work?

SmoothShapes was developed by Eleme Medical and it uses a technology called Photomology.  It works by combining laser and light energy with contoured rollers and vacuum mechanism.  SmoothShapes applies heat and pressure to the skin that releases the fibrous tissue and helps to smooth out fat cells.  It also stimulates collagen production and natural metabolic processes, treating two culprits of cellulite – edema and poor blood circulation.

What is VelaShape? How does it work?

VelaShape was developed by Syneron and utilizes elos technology.  Bi-polar radio frequency (RF) and infrared light energy are combined with vacuum and mechanical massage rollers to smooth out cellulite.  VelaShape stimulates the metabolism of the fat cells, stimulates lymphatic drainage, and reduces the size of fat cells and fat chambers.  It has been approved for cellulite reduction as well as circumferential reduction around the thighs.

SmoothShapes and VelaShapes Procedures at the Adams Center

My favorite part about these new procedures is that they require zero downtime.  Treatment time is short – generally only 20 minutes and I find it to be quite enjoyable.  I compare the sensation to a deep tissue massage with a slight warming of the skin.  This is a procedure you can schedule during a lunch break or before you pick the kids up from school.  Typically, at least four or five treatments are recommended, although some patients see noticeable results after just one treatment.  We offer special packages on a series of 6 or more treatments.

During the month of April we are offering 25% off Smoothshapes and Velashapes, a great incentive to try out these new procedures just in time for summer!

What about Mesotherapy ?

Mesotherapy is an injectable that is designed to break down fat, promote circulation, and increase metabolic activity.  As of yet, it has not been approved which is why we do not offer it.

Lipomassage is a technology by Endermoogie that works through cell stimulation to reactivate metabolic activity by stimulating the skin.

Before an After Photos from SmoothShapes:

SmoothShapes Cellulite Removal

SmoothShapes Before and After


Cellulite Removal


Cellulite Removal