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Patients Lose Up to 15 Inches from Waist with FDA Approved Zerona

The Federal Drug Administration’s (FDA) recent approval of Zerona opens the doors to a whole new world for those of us with a few stubborn areas of fat to lose. There have been several breakthroughs in non-surgical body sculpting for both cellulite reduction and fat reduction recently. The new Zerona™ system from ERCHONIA®, just cleared by the FDA, is one of the most promising.

My typical body contouring patient is someone who has stubborn areas of fat that they can’t get rid of, no matter how much exercise they do. Patients often come to me after trying various exercise programs that include biking, running, weights, etc. These pockets of excess body fat are actually one of the most difficult body issues to correct, and exercise alone often doesn’t work.

Zerona is leaps and bounds ahead of many of the other non-surgical body contouring or liposuction procedures. There are several laser, and other non-surgical products that claim results that, in my experience, aren’t accurate.

Zerona has been used for a couple of years to help break up fat cells prior to a traditional liposuction. However, plastic surgeons have recently begun using Zerona on its own to perform body contouring – no surgery required. Clinical testing of Zerona as a stand-alone procedure have shown that patients treated with the system lost from 3-4 inches; however, some of my patients have lost 12 or more inches.

Donna, a recent Zerona patient, lost an amazing 12 and a half inches. “I’ve always taken care of myself. Watched what I ate, and exercised. I walk five miles a day, but even with that, I still had some areas of fat that I couldn’t get rid of. I’d heard of Zerona, and saw that The Adams Center was one of the few plastic surgeons in the area that offered it. I went through the six treatment sessions in two weeks, and the rest is history.”

Zerona utilizes a low frequency laser scanner to help liquefy fatty tissue under the skin, which then gets passed through the body during the detoxification process. Treatment takes 40 minutes and needs to be administered three times a week over a two week period for best results. Because Zerona uses a low level laser, it produces no heat, making it a very comfortable procedure without interruptions from surgery, pain, wounds or compression garments.

“The Zerona procedure was actually very pleasant,” said Laura, another Zerona patient. “I’ve always exercised. Done kickboxing and weight training for a number of years, and I walk several miles a day. But, I still had areas that I wanted to shape to help boost my results from the exercise. I went through the Zerona treatments, and by the end of the two weeks, found I had lost 15 inches. The Adams Center’s staff and atmosphere made the experience even better. Zerona was terrific, start to finish!”

Right now, Zerona is by far the best non-surgical body contouring treatment available. The rapid developments in effective non-surgical procedures to do things that used to require a surgical procedure have been amazing. The Adams Center applauds the FDA’s approval of this effective, non-surgical body contouring method.