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The Facts on Sculptra Aesthetic Facial Injectables


Sculptra helps restore volume in the temple, cheek, and chin areas

Sculptra is a relatively new non-surgical procedure that brands itself as “anti-age for the modern age”.  It is different from many injectables because it does not show immediate results.  Instead, Sculptra replaces and stimulates the production of collagen deep within the dermis to provide a more natural effect.   By doing so, it helps bring volume back into the face, similar to a balloon filling with air.  It is hard to tell a patient has undergone any treatment with Sculptra and results will continue to appear up to three months after treatment.   Sculptra is most effectively used for marionette lines, smile lines, and chin wrinkles.  It is typically used in the cheeks, chin, and temple area.

There are many different factors that contribute to facial aging but the loss of collagen and decreased production of the protein account for a lot of the damage.  Collagen helps give our skin structure and helps to retain elastin in the skin, a protein that helps the skin maintain shape.  This damage deep within the dermis causes wrinkles as the skin loses it’s ability to maintain elasticity and hold moisture.

Sculptra is appropriate for patients of all ages who may not be quite ready for a facelift.   In many cases, we recommend a combination of treatments to help you achieve the best results.


Sculptra® Aesthetic (injectable poly-L-lactic acid) TV Commercial