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The Day of My Breast Augmentation Procedure


This is the second post from one of our patients who kept a journal documenting her Breast Augmentation surgery and recovery.  In this post, she talks about the day of her Breast Augmentation procedure in Peabody, MA.

I arrived at the Peabody Office on time.  It made me feel comfortable that my surgery would be performed in the same office I had my other appointments in.  The nurse came out to greet me and brought me back to the pre-op area to change.  I was given a nice warm blanked and I began to settle in.  The anesthesiologist came out to go over what would happen next.  Everyone had such a calm and reassuring manner that I did not feel nervous at all.

I woke up very comfortably, because Dr. Adams explained to me he uses a long acting local anesthetic at the end of the operation.  After a little while the nurse brought me toast and something to drink.  My husband arrived shortly thereafter and we went over the post-op instructions with him and wheeled me out to the car.  When I got home that afternoon I had something to eat, took my pain medicine, and relaxed.  I did begin to feel some soreness but I put a bag of frozen peas on my chest which made me much more comfortable.


To read this patients previous post click here.  Stay tuned to her next post on her post-op recovery days following her Breast Augmentation procedure.  If you would like to view before and after images of Dr. Adams’ Breast Augmentation work, click here.