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The Adams Center's Staff

The entire staff of The Adams Center is dedicated to your whole body care. In addition to Dr. Adams, The Adams Center has several licensed medical aestheticians and nurses. Our aestheticians provide care to patients for non-surgical procedures such as Microdermabrasion, facials and peels, as well as being experts in skin care. Our nursing staff is available for a number of non-surgical procedures, and also assist Dr. Adams during surgery in our AAAASF approved surgical facility in our Peabody office. Meet our staff:


Michelle Kolodziej, Practice Manager

Jessica Stevenson, Patient Care Coordinator

Jessica Stevenson, Patient Care Coordinator, Boston Office

Cathy Bowlby, Aesthetician

Rose Rogers RN, Aesthetic Nurse

Carol Adams, Marketing Director

Leigh Adams, Internet Marketing Coordinator

Irene Brosnan, RN, Nurse Manager

Elaine Sullivan, CRNA, MS

Jo Ann Pellegrino, RN

Diane McKenney, RN