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SmoothShapes Non-Surgical Cellulite Treatment

SmoothShapes represents a significant breakthrough in how quickly and easily cellulite can be treated!

Cellulite, which is often described as looking like “cottage cheese,” is a common issue that affects millions of women and men. It is often found on the backs of the thighs, or buttocks. The underlying causes of cellulite include edema, impaired blood circulation and decreased metabolism.

Exercise alone is rarely an effective control measure for cellulite.

Elemé medical developed SmoothShapes based on their proprietary technology known as “Photomology.” The Photomology process works by combining laser and light energy with contoured rollers and a vacuum system to reduce the appearance of cellulite. SmoothShapes remodels your body’s natural collagen to help smooth and tighten the skin long-term.

The SmoothShapes procedure feels like a deep tissue massage with a slight warming to the skin. There is no downtime with SmoothShapes, and while some patients see an improvement after one treatment, 3 or 4 treatments are often needed.

This is a great procedure to combine with traditional Liposuction.  Also, please be aware that SmoothShapes is only available in our Peabody Office.

Special package pricing is available on a series of 6 or more treatments.