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Shapely Legs by Summer

Want shapely legs by summer?

Shorts, sun dresses, and swim suits all show off your legs. These exercises can help people take notice. All it takes is consistent effort and about an hour and a half per week (3 sessions of 30 minutes each).

Quadriceps (quads)

Biceps Femoris (rear of leg – Hamstring region)

Calves (Soleus and Gastrocnemius)

Perform 3 sets of all exercises following these general guidelines:

  • Set 1 – Warm-up: 10 – 15 reps using light weight
  • Set 2 – Getting harder: 8 – 10 reps using moderately heavy weight
  • Set 3 – Heavy: 5 – 8 reps of a challenging weight. Do not perform to failure.

Beginners should consult with their physician prior to starting any exercise program. If you’ve never lifted weights, you may want to consult with a personal trainer for one on one instruction and to develop a personalized exercise program.