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Rhinoplasty: Make The Nose Fit The Face

November 27, 2013

Rhinoplasty is one of my favorite cosmetic surgeries to perform.  The goal is always to make the nose fit the face.  This idea allows for each person to have a new nose that looks better but not artificial.  Reshaping the nose enables me to give the patient completely new appearance that compliments other facial features without appearing artificial.  In my experience, I’ve found that removing the bump and the ball at the end of the nose are the two most common requests that improve the appearance.

During a Rhinoplasty consultation, we take photos that enable us to plan the surgery.  Pictures from magazines selected by the patient can help assist in communication with the surgeon.  Rhinoplasty is always performed under general anesthesia.  During surgery the septum can be straightened if necessary and the bone and cartilage sculpted.  Post-op recovery requires the patient to wear a splint for one week followed by two weeks with limited physical activity.

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