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Q&A With Dr. Adams About Blepharoplasty or Eyelid Surgery

Upper Lid Blepharoplasty

Which surgical procedure will treat my sagging eyelids?  A Blepharoplasty or a Brow Lift?

If the brows are in good position then a Blepharoplasty will suffice.  Sometimes a Blepharoplasty will be enough to get the necessary improvement.  In some patients both may be done together.

Can Eyelid Surgery be performed without anesthesia? 

I perform blepharoplasty under local anesthesia in selected patients.

How long do I need to wait before wearing make-up after a Blepharoplasty Surgery?

6 days

Should I have Restylane or a Blepharoplasty to fill in my tear trough area?

Restylane is temporary and adequate in some patients, although it does have its own set of risks. Blepharoplasty treats the tear trough as well as any puffiness and is more permanent.

What is double eyelid surgery?

This is surgery for Asian patients to “Westernize” the eyes so that the upper eyelid has a crease like Caucasians.

Is there anyway of reducing eyelid folds without surgery?

The Total FX laser can tighten the lids without a surgical incision.  There are limitations to this procedure in the amount of improvement.

How do I get rid of upper eyelid fat?

Surgery is the only way to treat excess upper eyelid fat.

Are there any non-surgical ways to fix under eye hollows?

Restylane may help under eye hollow in some cases but is temporary.

Will I be able to close my eyes after eyelid surgery?

Lagophthalmous, or the inability to close the eyelids after surgery may happen after upper eyelid surgery and the surgeon screens for this preoperatively and performs the surgery to avoid the problem.  However, any complication is always a possibility.

Does the eyelid surgery leave the lids pulled open more so, causing difficulty to close them?

Upper eyelid surgery may lead to the inability to close the upper eyelid and lower eyelid surgery may result in a pulldown of the lid.  I evaluate the patient preoperatively to judge the risk of these problems.  The consultation and exam are extremely important to avoid complications.