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Q&A With Brittany About Her Recent Voluma Treatment!


September 8th, 2014

Q: What made you decide to try Voluma?  What did you know about the product before you tried it?

Brittany: I tried Voluma after seeing some before and after photos and completing a training on it.   I loved the effect I was seeing on other people and I wanted a more defined cheek bone.

Q: Is Voluma a filler or injectable?  Did Dr. Adams use a combination of fillers and injectables during your treatment?

Brittany: Voluma is a filler that is injected just to the cheek area, I also had Juvederm and Botox.

Q: Was your treatment painful?:

Brittany: My treatment was not painful it was very easy.

Q: Did you experience bruising?  Were you able to return to work afterwards?

Brittany: I didn’t have any bruising and I returned to work that day.

Q: Did anyone notice that you had had anything done, or was it more subtle?

Brittany: I had friends and family say I looked good but they couldn’t put their finger on what I had done it is a subtle but amazing improvement.

Q: Do you have anything you would say to patients under 30 interested in trying Voluma for the first time?  Why would you encourage them to try it?

Brittany: I would say it is incredible what fillers can do and you’re never too young to start, I love what I have done so far and my results.