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Post-Op: The Days Following My Breast Augmentation Procedure


This is the third part of a patients journal entries about her Breast Augmentation procedure at The Adams Center in Peabody.  In this entry, she picks up where she left off, one day after her procedure.

Post-Op Day 1:

I woke up the day after my surgery feeling sore, but not in a lot of pain.  I still took it very easy, taking my pain medication as prescribed and using a bag of frozen peas to ease the soreness around my breasts.  I spent the day reading and watching movies.

Post-Op Day 2:

Today I woke up still feeling sore; my sleep was somewhat restless and I had difficulty getting myself comfortable.  I ate breakfast and took half of a pain pill.  I was able to shower and do my hair without any problems.  I have some bruising under and between my breasts.  I did some household chores like folding laundry but stayed away from lifting anything heavy.  I am still taking it pretty easy, doing some light paperwork, reading, and napping.  I took one dose of Ibuprofen during the day and one pain pill before bed for discomfort.  I have not experienced much pain following my Breast Augmentation, only soreness.

Post-Op Day 3:

I had a good night and I was able to turn from side to side with just a little discomfort.  I did not need to take the pain medicine all day today.  I took one dose of Ibuprofen during the day for a little discomfort.  I was able to comfortably drive to a wedding shower two hours away without any issues.  I took a pain pill before bed to ensure a good nights rest.

Post-Op Day 4:

I went to an educational workshop today for work.  I sat most of the day for lectures and only experienced minor soreness when reaching my arms.

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