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Parallels Between the World of Fashion and Plastic Surgery

In the spirit of  Fashion’s Night Out happening tonight on Newbury Street, I thought it would be interesting to look at how the field of cosmetic surgery relates to the world of fashion.

Although I do not follow the world of fashion very closely, I have a great respect for designers that demonstrate creativity, innovation, and quality in their work.  When successfully executed, fashion is an art form that is a response to current events and reflects a global culture.  But it also is a way to superficially manipulate the human form.

When I look at the field of plastic surgery and that of fashion, I find there are many connections between the two.  Both are ways of sculpting the body into new shapes and lines.  Both fields require a creative approach and fine craftsmanship.  Both fields have certain trends or fads that come and go with the times.  And just as a misplaced dart or crooked seem can ruin the appearance of a suit, a plastic surgeon must be an impeccable tailor of the human form, with respect to proportion and balance.  But to me the most special aspect of the  two fields are their ability to alter a person’s self image and empower them with self-confidence.  That is where creativity, innovation, and design all come into play.

When I have a patient come into my office, my objective is to have them leave feeling better about themselves than when they came in.  And in some cases that means advising patients against surgery.  Some fashions are not right for everyone, and some surgical procedures are not right for everyone either.  The career of a fashion designer and cosmetic surgeon may appear to be very different; the challenges and rewards are more or less the same.