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Our Most Popular Procedure: Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation: Our Most Popular Procedure

Breast augmentation is our most popular procedure.  Selecting the size of implant for each patient is now improved with our new sizing system.  Our use of this system for the past 6 months impresses me with the improvement in patient satisfaction. Realistic expectations result when the patient observes the changes in her figure with the different sizers (the sizers are not implants but a solid silicone shaped insert that replicates the result with the breast implant under the breast).  When looking in the  mirror the patient gets a feeling of the potential end result. Patients are choosing larger implants than I would have used in the past and the result is an improvement in the end result. Prior to this patients would frequently comment that, if they were to do it again, they would go larger next time. Patient participation in sizing results in happier patients, our number one goal!