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Notable Moments at the 2011 ASAPS Conference


Last week I had the opportunity to attend the  American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Meeting at the Boston Convention Center.  It’s fascinating to see what new medical advances have been made in the world of cosmetic surgery.  I want to share with you what was discussed in a few of my favorite seminars.


MACS Facelift Seminar Demonstrated on Cadavers

One of my favorite seminars focused on the MACS technique for facelifts originally devised by Belgian plastic surgeon Patrick Tonnard.  MACS stands for Minimal Access Cranial Suspension Lift.  It differs from a traditional facelift in that it only requires one incision from the earlobe up to the top of the ear, with no incisions done below the chin.  As a result, no neck dissection is required which means less scarring and minimal downtime.  Liposuction is used to tighten up the neck area and results appear softer and more natural looking than traditional facelifts.  I personally like the results of the MACS facelift because you don’t run the risk of facial features appearing too tight and angular.  There are limitations to the surgery – the best candidates are in their 40s, an age at which many are not yet considering a facelift.  However, the procedure affords more result with less surgery – an appealing alternative to more invasive surgery down the road


Fat Replacement to Replace Volume in the Face

Other seminars I attended discussed using fat from other parts of the body to replace volume in the face.  The natural aging process causes us to lose youthful volume in the face.  These techniques kill two birds with one stone in that you remove unwanted fat in one part of the body and put it to good use in another.  Many times these fat replacement techniques are used in conjunction with traditional facelifts.


Brava Bra Breast Augmentation

This was perhaps one of the most innovative seminars I attended last week.  The Brava Bra is a non-invasive method of breast augmentation which uses the body’s natural processes to achieve cosmetic results.  The Brava Bra allows the body to grow it’s own natural breast tissue through tissue expansion.  An external tissue expander is worn which exerts a 3 dimensional pull on the breasts placing the body tissue under sustained tension, causing it to naturally grow.   The medical profession has used tissue expansion in other areas but the concept had not yet been applied to the world of cosmetic surgery.   The device looks like a cone shaped bra and must be worn at least ten hours a day for ten to fourteen weeks.

Brava Bra

The effects of gravitational pull on the breasts

Brava Bra

The effects of the Brava Bra through 3 dimensional pull

Besides the seminars I was able to reconnect with old colleagues and met some very interesting people as well.  It was an honor to meet David Endicott,, the president of Allergan.  As well as see Mike Thibault a representative for Sculptra Aesthetic.  After a great week, I must say I’m already looking forward to next year!

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