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My Breast Augmentation Pre-Op Appointment with Dr. William P. Adams, Boston’s Premier Breast Surgeon


This patient kept a journal documenting her Breast Augmentation procedure at The Adams Center.  She has agreed to share her experience here with you on Dr. Adams Blog.

After my initial consultation and booking my surgery, I came to the office for a pre-op visit.  The nurse went over the instructions I should follow in the weeks preceding the operation and what I could expect post-operatively.  The nurse also went over the informed consent for surgery.

Sizing My New Breasts – Choosing My Breast Implant Size

The nurse helped me try on the different sizers under my bra until I was happy with the appearance of my breasts.  Dr. Adams then came in to re-measure my breasts and review my sizing choice.  In my situation, one of my breasts is much larger than the other.  We talked about the different sizing options and I was torn between a smaller and larger size.  Dr. Adams encouraged me to think about my decision ]at home and discuss it with my husband.  I found it comforting that at no point in time did I ever feel pressured to make a decision.

 Stay tuned for this patients journal entry on her day of surgery!