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Meet Carol! One of our Managers at The Adams Center

Carol of the Adams Center

Carol, A Manager at The Adams Center

Tell us a little bit about your self. Where you’re from, your background, ect,

I am from New York and was once a diehard Yankees fan – but don’t tell my kids. I fell in love with Boston while doing an internship for my graduate degree in Occupational Therapy and have been in Boston for over 25 years. I have an undergraduate degree from The Medical College of Georgia in Occupational Therapy and a Masters degree also in Occupational Therapy.

What is your role at the Adams Center?

I am one of the Managers specializing in Marketing, Equipment and Office Management.

What interests you most about the field of cosmetic surgery?

I love the creativity in Cosmetic Surgery. It is exciting to see someone before and then after surgery. Our patients have been coming to us for a long time and many come monthly for aesthetician treatments and injectibles. We get to know their family, friends, and kids. It is now much like a family practice. We consider our patients friends.

What new procedure or laser are you most excited about in the office right now?

I still think the Deep FX Laser is terrific. One laser can produce skin tightening, regeneration of skin cells, change the texture and eliminate pigment. Surgery can produce amazing changes but when coupled with the Deep FX Laser – those changes are better than amazing!

What is your favorite Adams Center product?

My favorite Adams Center product – this month – is “Luscious Lips”. It’s better than chap stick, tastes a bit like a melon, and also has a nice tingle when you apply it.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I am an avid golfer, when my knees were more cooperative I also played a lot of tennis and ran. I also volunteer at The MFA as a flower arranger.

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