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What Do You Look Like Under Ultraviolet Light? Visit Cathy In Peabody To Find Out!

September 15th, 2014

Have you ever seen what your skin looks like under ultraviolet light?  Believe me, the images can be kind of scary!  I was completely shocked the first time Cathy took my photo under ultraviolet light…what were all of the dark spots that I couldn’t see normally?  I normally only have a few freckles, but under the ultraviolet light, my face was covered in them!  Thankfully, Cathy prescribed me Roshni to help remove some of these dark spots before they would start appearing.  Interested in finding out what you look like under ultraviolet light?  Schedule a service with Cathy or Dr. Adams and ask to have your ultraviolet picture taken while you are in the office.  In the meantime, watch this video of other people’s reactions to their ultraviolet light photo!