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Lavender Cleanser

Recommended: Rehydrate and cleanse normal to dry skin.  Ideal for post-peel and laser treatments.

Vitamin E, Lavender and Aloe unite in this creamy wash that soothes and replenishes moisture to your skin, leaving it ultra soft and clean. This non-foaming botanical vitamin wash is extremely gentle and highly effective for removing facial make-up and impurities without stripping skin of moisture.

Daily Use: AM/PM

How to Use: With Water-wet face with cool water, apply a dime-sized amount to entire face, using gentle circular motions.  Rinse with cool water, pat dry.  Without Water: Apply with soft cloth to entire face, massage across entire face using gentle circular motions.  Turn cloth over and remove excess cleanser.  No need to rinse off

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Cost: 23.75

Please call the office to order: (800)559-3056