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LaserLyte Peel Enhances Short Scar Facelift

The last few years have brought about some terrific advances in plastic surgery. Better techniques, more effective procedures, and combinations of procedures have all helped to improve our ability to turn back the clock.

Once we hit our mid to late 40’s, aging begins to become noticeable in the mid-face region. There are several great non-surgical treatments at this point that can reduce wrinkles and delay the clock for most people.

Until recently, women in their 40s and 50s wouldn’t have considered a facelift as an option. Within the past 5 – 7 years, less-invasive methods that are appropriate for younger women, such as the “short-scar facelift” have become available. Now, more patients are having facelifts, or combination lifts performed in their 40’s.

One of the combination lifts that we’ve had great results with is the combination of a LaserLyte Peel with a “short-scar facelift”. A short-scar facelift procedure involves only half as much cutting as a traditional face lift, which translates into a shorter recovery, a more easily concealable scar, and a more natural look.

While the facelift is a great procedure for treating wrinkles and repositioning fat, it does little to improve the “quality” of the skin. Age spots, sun damage, pigmentation disorders, and some wrinkles (in places not treated by the facelift) may still be present following a facelift. We’ve found that when we combine a short scar facelift procedure with a LaserLyte Peel we can correct other issues that may be present, providing a much better result for the patient, and minimizing recovery time.

Some may think that our 40’s or early 50’s is too young for a facelift. Beauty is subjective, and this is a very personal choice. Modern image enhancement techniques have advanced at an incredible pace in the past 10 years. We no longer have to resign ourselves to having an old looking face!

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Dr. Bill Adams is a greater Boston area board certified plastic surgeon with over 25 years of experience in the field.