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Laser Hair Removal for Men

Although the majority of patients that come into my office seeking laser hair removal are female, I am seeing an increase in male interest in the procedure. With summer quickly approaching, this is a very popular procedure for this time of year. Men are typically interested in laser hair removal for the back and shoulders. These areas are difficult to reach and shaving on a regular basis is time consuming. Other popular areas include the chest, stomach, arms, fingers and toes. It is also possible to thin hair in these areas rather than completely remove it – an option some men prefer.

We currently use the Lightsheer Duet Hair Removal Laser from Lumenis in our offices. This laser is the gold standard in laser hair removal and offers several improvements over previous laser hair removal systems. An increased laser spot size cuts treatment times down by about 75 percent and also enables deeper penetration to the hair follicle. Previous lasers required the use of numbing gels prior to treatment to ease discomfort but with the Lightsheer we are finding anesthetics to be unnecessary.

How many treatments you require depends on several different factors. Genetics play a large role in how effective laser hair removal will be. Typically, laser hair removal is most effective on males with lighter skin tone and darker, coarser hair. However, the Lightsheer Duet has been approved for all skin tones. We don’t recommend undergoing the procedure if you have a tan – discoloration can sometimes result. I would recommend making appointments now as a series of three or four treatments is generally needed.

During the month of June, we are running a Laser Hair Removal Special in recognition of Father’s Day! When you book ┬álaser hair removal appointments with us during the month of June, we will give you and your spouse 20% off a series of three treatments. Laser Hair Removal is a great investment which will save you time and money in the long run.

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