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Know What To Expect The First Time You Have Botox – Watch These Informational Videos!

In this series of videos Adams Center Ambassador Teri has Botox injections as part of her Non Surgical Facial Rejuvenation Program. Thus far Teri has had a Vi Peel (chemical peel) and has been using medical grade Adams Center skin care products.

Teri has had Botox in the past and she said that this treatment went “as expected”. Following the procedure, she commented that the injections were not painful given the small size of the needle. Teri commented afterwards that her anticipation and fear of needles were the only negative aspects of the treatment. She was able to go about the rest of her day as usual and had minimal bruising from the Botox injections. The two small bruises she did have were easily covered up with make-up and disappeared within a couple of days.

About a week following treatment I asked Teri if she was satisfied with the results of her Botox treatment and this is what she had to say:

“By day 2 I really noticed a significant difference primarily on my forehead. I am eager to see how long the treatment is effective. I would definitely continue the use of botox given the results I have seen thus far!”