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Relaxed Expressions

Sculptura Aesthetic is a long-lasting poly-L-lactic acid wrinkle filler designed to fill facial wrinkles (including deep wrinkles), and correct facial contour deficiencies.

While Sculptura Aesthetic produces immediately noticeable results, it’s also designed to continue to work gradually and reduce the effects of aging over a longer period of time. The gradual transformation produces more natural results, and also creates a longer lasting effect that may last for an amazing two years.

Sculptura works by replacing the collagen that is naturally lost as we age. Typically, a series of three treatments is required over a period of several months. The number of treatments vary on a patient to patient basis.

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Rhinoplasty to Balance the Face

Anyone who has looked in the mirror lately can see that your overall appearance is heavily impacted by the size and shape of the nose.

Clearly, the nose is one of the most prominent features on your face. In my opinion, the shape and size of the nose is the most important factors that impact’s facial balance, which subtly, but definitively impact your looks.

In 2008, there were over 195,000 Rhinoplasty procedures performed. Many of our patients say that their nose is an area of their face which with they have never been happy. A Rhinoplasty is a great tool to reshape a patient’s nose to create a more aesthetically pleasing shape and/or improve breathing for the patient.

Whether we make a small correction, or a more extensive change, a Rhinoplasty can be a dramatic procedure to help bring entire face into balance.

Minimize Holiday Stress

The holidays can be one of the most stressful times of the year for many Americans. Whether it’s family dynamic pressures, or self imposed pressures of cooking a meal, or feeling like everything needs to be just so, the holidays can be tough.

Don’t fear, we have a few simple tips and techniques to help not just get you through, but to make sure you “live, thrive, and survive.” So, don’t dread the holidays, embrace them!

  1. Smile – Research shows that when we turn that frown upside down we actually release endorphins that help change our mood and make us happier. Smiling is universal, and studies have shown that it’s used to communicate emotions worldwide.
  2. Make time for yourself – Get a facial, a massage, a manicure, or whatever your personal “me time” may be, take the time for yourself, and do it!
  3. Keep exercising – At the very least take a brisk walk every day to clear your thoughts, and get you blood pumping. This will not only release endorphins that give you that “runner’s high,” but will also help you feel less guilty about any extra calories you may be eating during the season.
  4. Set realistic goals – Baking cookies for the entire neighborhood is not necessary.
  5. Keep a list and prioritize – We can’t do everything all at once. It’s true at work, and it’s true for home and holiday planning as well. Make a list of all of the things that need to get done. Be realistic, and prioritize them using

New Mammography Standards May Be Harmful

Last week a group of advisors called the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force issued new guidelines for women to get mammograms. In it’s advisory capacity, the task force contradicted previous findings, and said that women in their 40s should not get routine mammograms for early detection of breast cancer.

Essentially the group raised the suggestions for the starting age of routine mammography by 10 years to age 50. The group recommended routine mammography screenings every two years for women ages 50 – 74. Risks and benefits for women age 75 and above are unknown, it said.

It’s important to note that the task force is composed of 16 health care experts, hand picked by the White House, none of whom are oncologists. The group reviews medical data and bases recommendations on effectiveness and risks involved.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer for women in the U.S. Approximately 200,000 women are diagnosed with invasive breast cancer every year, according to the American Cancer Society. About 15 percent of women in their 40s detect breast cancer through mammography, many other women experience false positives, anxiety, and unnecessary biopsies as a result of the test, according to data.

These findings are at odds with the American Cancer Society, which looked at the same data but came to a different conclusion. “Breast cancer is a serious health problem facing adult women, and mammography is part of our solution beginning at age 40 for average-risk women,” it says. It recommends annual exams beginning at that age.

In my opinion, these guidelines are the first step in moving toward healthcare rationing, and reduced care to offset costs. One of the dangers in accepting these recommendations is that insurance coverage of mammograms could be dropped based on the new findings.

The most important thing for all women is to consult with their primary care physician, and have a frank discussion about breast cancer risks. Your risks may be higher due to family history of breast cancer, a concerning self exam, or other factors. So discuss the issues surrounding a mammogram, and make an educated decision on screening with your doctor.