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11.7 Million Cosmetic Procedures in 2007
New Woman

People deciding to enhance their appearance increased slightly to 11.7 million (both surgical and non-surgical) in 2007.

Women have accounted for about 90% of total procedures for some years now, and this was true again in last year. Women had 91% of the cosmetic procedures. But, men are also realizing the benefits of a cosmetic procedure. Men who decided to enhance their appearance through a cosmetic procedure increased significantly (17%) from 2006.

Both surgical (up 8%) and non-surgical procedures (up by 1%) increased last year:

The top five surgical procedures were

The top non-surgical procedures were:

A Dramatically Improved Facelift for Our 40’s

The last few years have brought about some terrific advances in plastic surgery. Better techniques, more effective procedures, and combinations of procedures have all helped to improve our ability to turn back the clock.

Once we hit our mid to late 40’s, aging begins to become noticeable in the mid-face region. There are several great non-surgical treatments at this point that can reduce wrinkles and delay the clock for most people.

Until recently, women in their 40s and 50s wouldn’t have considered a facelift as an option. Within the past 5 – 7 years, less-invasive methods that are appropriate for younger women, such as the “short- scar facelift” have become unavailable. Now, more patients are having facelifts, or combination lifts performed in their 40’s.

One of the combination lifts that we’ve had great results with is the combination of a LaserLyte Peel with a “short-scar facelift” . . .

Q & A
Asian Woman

I receive questions from patients and prospective patients on a daily basis. The following have been asked recently (more or less the same question) by several people.

Q: How realistic are non-surgical procedures? For example will I notice a definite improvement in my wrinkles?

A: Good question! Not every treatment works well for every patient. We spend time during the consultation to do a thorough analysis to determine which will work best for your situation. When selected properly, patients will see definite improvement.

Q: I would like a breast enlargement, but I was doing some research and found that they are not permanent, and I would have to replace the breast implants in a certain amount of time. Is this true? How long do they last? Would I lose sensitivity with an implant replacement?

A: Breast implants are not permanent, but currently carry a 10 year warranty. Typically, a breast implant replacement would be done at some point after that, but that is an individual decision.

Regarding your question on loss of sensitivity – based on patient feedback, there really isn’t a loss of breast sensitivity in my experience.

Finally, An Effective Way to Treat Deep Scarring & Wrinkles
UltraPulse Woman

An incredible, newly developed laser treatment made by leading laser manufacturer Lumenis, has created the “gold standard” for non-surgical treatment of wrinkles (including deep wrinkles), scarring, and much more.

UltraPulse is the core of what Lumenis’ calls their “Bridge Therapy” product family that also includes ActiveFX™, DeepFX™, and TotalFX™. These ablative (removes tissue layers), CO2 fractional lasers use “bridge therapy.” Named because only portions of the skin’s surface are treated, leaving “bridges” of untouched skin; the bridge therapy system helps the regeneration and healing process.

The beauty of this system is that a single session is often all that’s needed (when before 5 – 6 treatments may have been needed), and treatment generally can be accomplished in . . .