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Identify Your Skin Type

It is important to know your skin type in order to properly care for your skin. Many are unaware that there are five different skin types – and all have different needs. The products that your best friend uses in many cases are not the products you should be using. Our aestheticians at the Adams Center can help you identify your skin type and assist you in choosing the appropriate products and routine. Here is a brief overview of the five basic skin types.

Oily skin is prone to blackheads and breakouts. Pores tend to be enlarged and the surface of the skin appears shiny.

Normal skin is characterized by a smooth and even texture with good circulation and color. Pores tend to be medium in appearance. Oiliness is often found in the T-Zone () whereas the cheeks may be somewhat dry at times.

Sensitive skin is characterized by fine pores and flushes easily. Skin is thin and delicate and can be prone to allergic reactions, rashes, and broken capillaries.

Those with dry skin often feel tightness, especially after cleansing. Dry skin is also prone to fine wrinkles, flaking, and red patches.

Sun Damaged/Aging
This skin type also feels somewhat tight with dull skin tone and visible wrinkles. Texture can be leathery and broken capillaries are often times present.

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