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I Have Sensitive Skin – What DSP (Doctor’s Skin Prescription) Products Should I Be Using?


August 5, 2014

People with sensitive skin should definitely be using a medical grade skincare program with products that are specially suited to their ultra-sensitive skin.  Here are a few of Cathy and Dr. Adams’s favorite products for people with sensitive skin from Dr. Adams’s own skincare line, DSP (Doctor’s Skin Prescription).

Creamy Botanical Face Wash: This luxurious lavender cleanser helps soothes skin while restoring moisture.  Excellent for post-surgical patients or those with extra dry or sensitive skin.

Moisture Rich Revitalizing Creme: Algae peptides and Vitamin E encourage collagen production making your skin look healthier and more hydrated.  Patients see greatly improved skin tone and texture with regular use.

Nocturnal Repair Cream: I’m sure you are well aware that sleep is very important for your skin.  With this product you can get double the bang for your buck when you get your beauty sleep!  The Nocturnal Repair Creme includes antioxidants, copper enzymes, retinol, and lipoic acid making it one of the most effective anti-aging products available on the market.

If you are interested in trying any of these products or to find out which DSP (Doctor’s Skin Prescription) Products you should be using, call (800) 559-3056 to set up your complimentary skin care evaluation with Cathy.