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How Do I Look In A Bathing Suit? Breast Augmentation Can Help You Feel More Confident


November 29th, 2013

Even though we are in the dead of winter here in New England, I’m sure many of you have trips planned to sunny destinations this winter.  Does the thought of having to wear a bathing suit cause you anxiety?  Many women have found that a Breast Augmentation has given them the confidence to wear a bathing suit.  One option is to buy a bathing suit that will enhance your figure.

The decision to have Breast Implants is a serious step and should be considered after other options have been excluded.  There is a reason why Breast Augmentation is the most popular surgery in the world though – women love the results.

Through a small incision a space is made beneath the muscle where a silicone gel or saline implant is placed.  Recovery time is approximately two weeks, after which I tell patients they can return to full normal activity.

Most women incorporate their new size into their self image very quickly and like the way they look in clothes and bath suits.

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