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How Buying Medical Grade Products Can Help You Save Money and Get Results

Adams MD Spadermaceutical Zit Kit

When it comes to selecting proper skin care products, many people find themselves lost in a world bombarded with designer brands and marketing ploys.

It makes sense.  The more you spend, the better the result, right?

Since Dior and Chanel can create stunning silhouettes and perfectly tailored suites, they must be able to formulate an age defying wrinkle crème, no?

But then again, these fashion houses did not set out to become the leading skin care experts in the field.  Designer brands have become all too eager to put their names on anything that might sell – whether it be low quality clothing, perfume – or high end skin care.  However, what are you really paying for — expensive packaging and a designer name or a quality product?

For over 30 years, I have offered medical aesthetician services and doctor recommended skin care products at my offices.  I believe that medical grade products will give you the best results at the lowest cost.  A medical office is far more qualified to give you skin care recommendations than the sales woman working behind the counter at Bloomingdales.

In a tough economy, we all take a closer look at how our money is being spent.  For most of us, our personal appearance is of utmost concern.  I urge you to book a complimentary consultation with one of our medical aestheticians on staff.  We will design a customized skin care regime that will produce noticeable results.

Instead of spending $600 on moisturizer from Dior, save your money for those designer heels and come see us when it comes to skin care.

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