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Health Benefits of a Breast Reduction

I often get questions from breast reduction patients regarding whether or not their health insurance will cover the breast reduction. Typically, breast reduction surgery is only covered if the reduction is greater than 1,000 grams of tissue.

A recent study published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery showed that a breast reduction of even a modest amount could significantly help improve a patient's quality of life and ease some of the pain associated with very large breasts (a condition known as macromastia).

This study was particularly interesting in that one of its goals was to test whether the 1,000g benchmark had any basis in scientific fact, or was an arbitrary number.

The study included 59 patients, all of whom had breast reductions of less than 1,000g. All of these patients reported significant decreases in upper and lower back pain, shoulder pain, breast pain, and more. Also, patients reported an increased ability to play sports, an easier time in finding clothes that fit, and a better quality of life post-breast reduction.

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