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Get To Know Your Plastic Surgeon: Q & A with Dr. Adams

Plastic Surgeon Dr. William P Adams

Dr. Adams with his wife Carol

What made you decide to pursue cosmetic surgery as a profession?

I have loved cosmetic surgery from the start of my training in plastic surgery. I like taking a patients concerns and making them feel better about themselves. I take the aesthetic normal and then adjust the anatomy to come closer to that model. Interestingly, each patient has an ideal for their faces or bodies.  Understanding this leads to the best result.

What do you enjoy most about your profession?

Solving a patient’s concerns. I enjoy the process of getting to know them and their concerns and then working to make them look better and feel better about themselves.  I look at my patients as people that I get to know better and through that relationship help them look and feel better.

What are some exciting new developments in the field?

Non surgical treatments and the combining of these, when indicated, with surgical procedures.  The combination of injectables, lasers and  topical treatments allow patients to maintain their normal lifestyle while improving their appearance.  I also provide encouragement for cardiovascular exercise,strength training, stretching, meditation and a low glycemic diet to enhance overall health.  Maintaining one’s health leads to better appearance as well as a better quality of life.

How has the field changed/evolved since you’ve been in practice?

There are more procedures, anesthesia is better, options for the patient are greater, more non-physicians and lesser trained people are providing services, more men are having plastic surgery, more lasers, more injectables, greater risk for the patient being treated by a lesser trained practitioner with less experience