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Featherlift and Threadlifts

Featherlifts and Threadlifts have occupied the headlines of many facial rejuvination and anti-aging articles over the last year. 

After reviewing and comparing the results of these types of "mini-facelifts" and traditional facelifts, I've concluded that innovaton doesn't always yield acceptable results. The laws of anatomy and physics don't change. If you pull back your skin with a piece of tape, it will hold for a little while, but it will eventually loosen.

The same is true for pulling under the skin with a thread – it eventually pulls through the attachment and the skin becomes loose once again. The changes that occur in facial aging include a decrease in skull size, less muscle support, stretching of the SMAS (sub-musculoaponeurotic system) that encapsulates the face like a veil, changes in fat distrubution, and a loss of the supporting structure and moisture retaining qualities of the skin. Many times, these changes need to be addressed by multiple procedures for the best, long-lasting, and most natural looking results.

Pulling on site specific areas with threads will not corrrect all of these changes.  I will write in the future about the other problem in facelift surgery:  the overly tight, pulled artificial appearance that one sees at parties and on vacation.

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