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Face Lift Alternatives

A full face-lift was once considered the only option to provide lasting wrinkle reduction in the face and neck regions.

While some patients may still benefit from a full face-lift procedure, many more will benefit from less invasive procedures that tighten specific aspects of your face/neck region. Procedures such as a neck lift, upper brow lift, or cheek lift can take years off of a patient's appearance with lower cost and less downtime.

Neck Lift – A neck lift reduces the loose skin that occurs on the neck as we age. It smoothes and tightens the loose skin to help restore your youthful appearance. In this procedure, neck skin and muscles are tightened through incisions made behind the ears and/or under the chin.

Upper Brow Lift – An upper brow lift is used to slightly re-position skin on the forehead and soften forehead wrinkles. The procedure is generally done as an endoscopic, or open technique.

Cheek Lift – The cheek lift, also known as a mid-face lift, improves the appearance of your lower eyelid and cheek area and softens the naso-labial crease. Skin and fat are repositioned and a small amount of skin is removed through an incision under the lower eyelid lashes.

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