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Earlobe Plastic Surgery Repair and Reshaping

December 10th, 2013

As we age, many notice that their earlobes have sagged or seemed to have gotten bigger over time.  This is not an optical illusion!  Many times our earlobes do appear larger as we age because gravity causes skin in their area (among others) to sag.

Another problem many women find is that the holes where they had their ears pierced many decades earlier have begun to stretch.  The 1970’s fashion of wearing large heavy hoops and dangly earrings has taken it’s toll on the earlobes of many baby boomers!  Trauma can cause the holes to rip entirely through.

The good new is that plastic surgery can correct both issues.  In the case of large or stretched earlobes, I remove what is in excess to reshape the lobe and make it smaller.  This procedure can be performed in office and the scar is hidden in the normal crease of the face.  Since the earlobe is an appendage to the face, I can inject around the bottom and numb the whole lobe making this surgery fairly pain free.

In the case of a torn earlobe or piercing that has become stretched and elongated over time, I can fix this in the office as well.  I close the front and the back of the lobe and only a small scar is visible on both sides.  After letting the area heal for a month or longer, the lobe can be re-pierced and earrings may once again be worn.

Both procedures are performed under local anesthetic and recovery time is around a week.  If you have any questions about this procedure or any other cosmetic surgery procedures, please contact my office at (800) 559-3056.

Hope you are enjoying the holiday season!

Dr. Bill Adams