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Dysport – Special Rebate Offer


Injection Sites for Dysport

What is Dysport?

Dypsort is a newly approved alternative to Botox that is quickly gaining popularity.  Dysport and Botox are injectable forms of botulinum toxin Type A used to temporarily paralyze muscles to minimize or eliminate the appearance of wrinkles.

It is used between the brows to target glabellar lines.

How it Works:

Dysport is an injectable that temporarily blocks the signal from the nerve to the muscles between the brows.  The muscles that cause frown lines are thus temporarily prevented from contracting.

Special Rebate Offer:

From now until September 30, 2011, you can receive a $50 dollar rebate check if you mail in your rebate form within 30 days of treatment.

To take advantage of this special offer simply:

1. Visit Dysport Website

2. Register

3. Fill out the Rebate Redemption Form here: Dysport Rebate Form

4. Mail in your completed rebate form and itemized treatment receipt (credit card receipts are not accepted)

You can receive an additional $50 off your treatment if you received a previous treatment with Botox®Cosmetic 3–12 months before this Dysport treatment.

Include the itemized Botox Cosmetic receipt in your rebate submission. (You can ask us for a copy of your prior receipt.) Both treatment receipts must be included in your submission to be eligible for two $50 rebate checks.